Halloran School of Dance provides professional dance classes for all levels of dance.  Beginner to advanced, child to young adult, your child will experience top level tuition which will bring out his or her best.

Classes are available weekday afternoons and evenings and on Saturdays. Private tuition is also available according to need.

Classical Ballet

The Halloran School uses the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus (RAD) The graded system of the RAD ensures young dancers develop gradually with age appropriate exercises. They will progress through the Grades and into the Major Syllabus as they mature as a person and as a dancer.
Examinations are optional but our success rate is extremely high and your child will gain confidence with each successful level achieved.

Jazz/Street Funk

Fun, and great exercise. Your child will learn all styles of Jazz from Broadway to Contemporary to Funk. All our choreography is age appropriate.


High calibre tuition in this famous dance style. From pre-school to open age our tap troupes have been performing at eisteddfods with great success for many years.

Irish Dancing

The Halloran School is one of the leading schools in Australia for Irish Dancing. Your child will be captivated by the music and the exhilaration of Irish Dancing. Irish Dancing is a competitive form of dance and your child will be given the opportunity to dance all over Australia in National competition and may even dance internationally as many of our students have done.

Annual Concert

The focus of our year of learning is the annual Christmas concert which combines all the knowledge your child has acquired with the thrill of performing to hundreds of people.
The concert consists of items from each dance discipline and opening and closing show stopping performances. The Halloran School is famous for its amazing costuming which adds to the professionalism of your child's performance.